When you need an independent reliable source for drug, alcohol or DNA testing you can call on Testing Services Limited

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D.O.T. Testing

DOT testing is mandated by law for individuals employed by the Federal Motor Carriers Association, Federal Transit Authority, Federal Railroad Association, Federal Aviation Association, Pipeline and Hazardous materials or are in the Coast Guard. The individuals whose jobs fall under Federal Authority are entered into a "pool" and names are randomly selected for testing. This testing may be performed  for pre-employment, post accident, reasonable suspicion, and random as well.

Lab Draws (Blood)

Basic Blood  tests will be drawn and sent to lab. Results will be given to the client. This service will benefit individuals who do not have a physician or do not have insurance.

Blood Borne Pathogen Training

We provide blood borne pathogen training alone or incorporate it into the CPR training for first responders, teachers, etc.

Non-D.O.T. Testing

NON-Department Of Transportation testing; called forensic drug screens, are usually done for local employers.Occasionally I will do one for an out-of-state employer before the applicant moves to that area. The reason for this testing may be pre-employment, post accident, reasonable suspicion or random.

Physical Capacity Profile

Physical Capacity Profile Testing measures human functional performance in relation to the job they have been hired to perform.

OSHA Respitory Testing

A “fit test” tests the seal between the respirator's facepiece and your face. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete. After passing a fit test with a respirator, you must use the exact same make, model, style, and size respirator on the job.

TB Skin Test

A person given the tuberculin skin test must return within 48 to 72 hours to have a trained health care worker look for a reaction on the arm.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol testing is performed at the request of the employer for NON-DOT testing and when directed by the employers for DOT.

Hair collection Drug Test

Hair collection drug screens as requested by the employers. These are performed for the same reasons as the urine drug screens.

DNA collections

Officially sanctioned DNA collection and processing for  paternal situations and discovery (Ancestral information).

Hepatitis A&B Vaccine

Hepatitis A Virus Antibody, IgM test - This blood test detects hepatitis A antibodies. Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen (HBsAg) test - Our FDA-approved hepatitis B blood test detects acute hepatitis B infections, and can also be used to help diagnose chronic hepatitis B infections.

24/7 after hours post accident testing

Testing Services Limited is available for after hours post accident testing and verifications.